Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back on Track

Yes, I gave up blogging just as soon as I was trying to begin.  Each time I thought I had something great to share I would realize it didn't fit the vegan lifestyle.  I have learned a lot though through this process.  Having the blog and wanting to post has made me read labels more and investigate the ingredients in foods my family is eating.  For those of you who are more experienced vegans my finding will not surprise you.  But for me, someone who is just starting out, I couldn't believe how many items contained animal-based ingredients!  I have now learned that to stick to the vegan lifestyle I will need to cook from scratch more and research deals before I shop. 

From this day forward Cheap Vegan Livin will be taking on a new approach.  Each Sunday I will post a menu with great recipes and the plan for sticking to a budget and eating healthy.  Stay tuned...


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