Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shelly's Honkin Huge Burritos

As you are very aware it's hard to find vegan lunch spots. I've been lucky with downtown Portland, OR though. The lunch truck and lunch cart craze is everywhere here and there are a few great vegan lunch spots. The closest to me, and therefore the one I frequest the most, is Shelly's Honkin Huge Burritos at Pioneer Square in Portland, OR. You can't really say that Shelly is part of the craze though since she's been at it since 1991.

Her burittos are vegetarian (beans, cheese, fresh made salsa, etc.) but she can make them vegan. I've never had the "honkin huge" sized burrito...a small is more than enough for me (and I eat a lot lol). She has a great selection of hot and mild sauces also if you want to customize a bit.


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