Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grocery List Shopping

My grocery list is going to assume that you are new at the vegan thing but that you have cooked at home before and have some things on hand. The first few trips you'll have to buy a little more than normal in order to stock your pantry (and probably go to an extra store or two). If you have some of the items then just cross them off of your list (and buy some vegan beer instead).

I'am also not going to send you all over town to five different stores. True, you could study the Sunday Newspaper and all the adds, match up coupons to the different stores and probably get some really good deals. But, gas costs money and most vegans would frown on driving all over Portland to buy their groceries. I prefer two trips, one to Costco for bulk items and the second to Safeway. I happen to drive by a Grocery Outlet on my way home every day and they're known to have great deals on organic and/or vegan food so I may stop there but that's it.


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