Friday, June 26, 2009

Cheap Tortillas

At Safeway Mission White Corn Tortillas (30 count) are on sale for $'s how to get them for $0.24 each:

Head to the meat department (I know, horrible place to make you go for coupons but it has to be done) and look for the little coupon machines that spit out coupons (these machines are called blinkies in the coupon world). You will want to get six total (the machine can be slow and tries to trick you to think it's out of coupons but wait a minute and it'll keep spitting them out).

Now find the end stand with the tortillas. You're looking for the ones on sale for $0.99. Grab six packages (the limit for the sale).

Head to the register...that's it! For $1.44 you have enough tortillas to last a couple months. These freeze very well so if you are a tortilla person you may want to grab six more coupons and packages and head through the line again.

Mission tortillas are gluten free and vegan. I see some Vegan nachos with homemade chips in the future...yummy!


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